A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

shadows gather over svet-dmitrin. can a yiddish feygeleh even survive here? and the rumours, the rumours about the regent czarevna anastasiya ... i'm, like, uneasy, but it's worse than that. my ocelles burn, my dreams are sepulchral. but in the day, there's him, anzu, the boy that took me in, shining like a supernova. he says he found something, something he can't bear to leave unspoken, but too dangerous to share with just anyone. a secret, about czar alexei. a secret about why the red guard failed, eight years ago.

Lev Venyaminovich/Lyubov Venyaminovna Morgenshtern isn't anybody in particular; a small-time writer of pulp horror, a dabbling mystic, once the star pupil of Svet Dmitrin's best yeshiva, poised to become a notable rabbi ... but that's the past, and Lev/Lyubov, genderfluid, genderfucked, gay, is now homeless. 

Until one Anzu Tamiratovich Menelik takes pity, provides a place to stay. How can one not fall in love, then? Anzu is a necromancer, a dandy, and he's got his own secrets to keep. 

As Lev/Lyubov recovers from a rough run of months, Anzu reveals that he's uncovered something rather eldritch going down in the city ... but following the trail will cost the two of them dear.


The Bitter Drop is an interactive novel/narrative game. The chief mechanics are player-driven choices and investigation of the environment and clues to the truth behind Svet Dmitrin's ruling elite through text descriptions, hints and red herrings. Character interaction, relationships and romance are given a prominent place. 

The final game will have graphical assets to some extent, much like a Visual Novel, but the demos will mostly be text-only. 


We're a four-people dev team. More information on that is coming soon.


A pre-order page! Buying now, at a discounted price, will give you access to the Perpetual Edition released here on itch.io. That means any updates this game sees, you get for free. Eventually, the price will be raised.

You can play the demo now: just download and run the executable, like a normal game. It might not work on all Linux builds, apologies.

Published Dec 05, 2017
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorLady Isak Grozny
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsbxb, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, gay, LGBT, Multiple Endings, queer, Romance, Transgender
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


The Bitter Drop 1: DEMO (Windows) 36 MB
The Bitter Drop 1: DEMO (MacOS) 135 MB
The Bitter Drop 1: DEMO (Linux) 51 MB