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Itinerant Rabbi Chaim Shlomovich Vidal and his pupils, the bigender horror writer Lev Venyaminovich/Lyubov Venyaminovna and the witch Mogila Borisovna Balshemnik arrive in Svet-Dmitrin, the capital of a crumbling empire. They stay with one Anzu Tamiratovich Menelik, a necromancer dandy with more than skeletons in his closet. As the days pass and Lev recovers from a recent stint on a psych ward, Anzu and Lev grow closer; Anzu shows Lev around the city and the two of them stumble on a horrifying, eldritch truth about the current Czar and his White Guard. Following this lead will cost them dear.


The Bitter Drop is an interactive novel/narrative game. The chief mechanics are player-driven choices and investigation of the environment and clues to the truth behind Svet Dmitrin's ruling elite through text descriptions, hints and red herrings. Character interaction, relationships and romance are given a prominent place. 

The final game will have graphical assets to some extent, much like a Visual Novel, but the demos will mostly be text-only. 


I'm the sole dev right now—I write Interactive Fiction as Lady Isak Grozny—and I'm responsible for the writing and getting some help from friends with the code. The narrative is written in inkle's ink language and currently implemented online via inkjs and some code borrowed from Bruno Dias's blotter/gall. The autosave function was written by Oreolek.

A little about myself: I'm 27 years old, originally from Russia. I grew up in Ireland, lived in Germany for a while and currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I've been writing since I was 11 years old and barely fluent in English; a couple years ago I got into Interactive Fiction and well, here I am now. I've got a couple of free games, both sort of "trial runs" for The Bitter Drop on my page.


A pre-order page! Buying now, at a discounted price, will give you access to the Perpetual Edition released here on That means any updates this game sees, you get for free. Eventually, the price will be upped, especially as I have more substantial content, including a proper demo and an Early Access version of the game.

You can play the preview demo now: download, unzip and open index.html in chrome. An app version of a much longer demo is coming ASAP.


Pre-order Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$7.77 $3.88 USD or more

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